Jennifer West, LCSW

Jen has been passionate about reducing family violence from a young age. She has used this to inform early work in the social work field as a prevention educator in York County, working with schools and families to support safe resolutions to early traumatic stress. During this time, additional opportunities to advocate for adults and children living in violent homes reinforced the decision to pursue a clinical direction in the field of social work.

Jen currently works with adolescents, adults and couples who have experienced challenges and are seeking to find ways of managing their symptoms more effectively. This is achieved through a trauma-informed lens that creates a foundation of understanding and exploring, rather than judgement. Jen uses a variety of strategies to examine the experiences that inform symptoms and behaviors that challenge balance and safety. These approaches are guided by the clients’ needs and their own pace, through embodied awareness. Jen is a facilitator for the SAFE-R program at Island Institute for Trauma Recovery, LLC; working with family members who are affected by child sexual abuse.

Jen joined Island Institute for Trauma Recovery, LLC in 2010 as a partner. She also teaches the Trauma in Social Work class in the graduate program at the University of Southern Maine.
Jen is not currently accepting new clients. Clients who wish to be added to the waiting list may contact IITR at 207-571-3008.